Inspirational Quote 3

It is not work that kills men, it is worry. Work is healthy; you

can hardly put more on a man than he can bear. But worry is

rust upon the blade. It is not movement that destroys the

machinery, but friction.

Henry Ward Beecher


Zara August 2010 Lookbook

Zara August 2010 Lookbook

Fall is arriving and as it does we get a new serving from Zara of their wonderful lookbook, I think Zara are the best High Street Retailers out there and this lookbook definitely proves it. The looks they have gone for are not only unique but stand-out (As Zara usually do) it is what they do best. Personally, whenever it reaches around this time of the year I can not wait to see what Zara have to offer.

In this look I love the relaxed fit on the ladies wear and there is something quite vintage about the style and use of colors. Especially on Zara Woman 2, I really like the patterns on her jumper too. The first image is one I really like even though individually the colors are quite vast they work really well together. I really like the scarf on (Zara Man 1) and the knitted top he is wearing inside that great coat, I see some boots just below the image I can’t wait to see the full image for them. The last image has image has the guy wearing a check blazer but the line are quite faint, I really like how each individual piece stands out.

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As the gloomy weather is creeping up behind us quite early this year I thought I would do a post on an item which will both be great for summer and winter, Boots. As we all know boots have been around for a very long time and are well known for ruggedness and shoes that are be worn in extreme weather conditions.

Desert Boots

In 1949 Clarks Desert Boots were designed by Nathan Clark, the purpose of the design so that the British Army in the Second World War so they could wear it in Egypt. The shoes had been made for them by local tradesman. Desert Boots main consists of the main shoe being made of suede and a rubber crepe sole and two eyelets. The design of the boots were so simple but really modern and it made them very versatile to wear, this fact still has not changed. They could be worn with suits, chinos, shorts and is very popular with no socks for a great summer look. A few looks that are popular with the Desert Boots are chinos rolled up slightly, button down shirt with rolled up sleeves. Tailored short just above the knees with an oxford shirt or a polo shirt, which could be topped of with a linen blazer (rolled up sleeves) for the cool evenings.

The great thing about desert boots and item of clothing is that you can make it your own, for example some people prefer it if the boots look quite distressed and beaten so the boots won’t reach their prime till they get quite old. Recently the look has become so popular that some other designer brands have decided to sell some of their Desert Boots already distressed. Also some owners of Desert Boots hand also decided to dye their shoes a different color for them to stand and be unique, recently a color that has been really sought over is the original red Clark desert boots.

The Road

The Road takes a serious look on the Post Apocalyptic genre, I must say when I finished watching the movie I could not stop thinking about it for a couple of days. It was directed by the same person who directed The Proposition, John Hill Coat he has not done a lot of stuff but the little he has done definitely is amazing. The Road stars the brilliant Viggo Mortensen as the lead role also Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce and Robert Duvall and the son who excellently played by Kodi Smit-McPhee.

The Road was originally a book written by Cormac Mcarthy and as it was poplular it then was produced into a film, another film that was originally written by C. McCarthy was No Country For Old Men. That film is simply amazing and I also hope to do a review on soon. Now in the opening scene of the film you see the father teaching his son how to kill himself with a Gun, when watching you are pulled in but in a wry sort of way because you actually do not what is going on especially for those who have not read the book or seen any trailers.

In the opening scene of the movie you see the father teaching his son how to kill himself, you suddenly realise that this film is a serious one and has great potential in draining you emotionally. As the film progresses you realise that it is not the case. I must say now that there are no twists in this film, you are simply just following the journey of a man and his son. Although it is quite clear that the world is in turmoil you’re never shown or told how it happens. It is quite clear though whatever it is has taken many many lives, and now people are out for themselves.

Early on you are also introduced to his wife as well and you notice straight away that she is not coping well with what has been happening. She is worried about what the other families have been doing to survive and hopes she will not have to do the same but she is not agreement with her husband’s approach. Which is to be patient and wait. They find out that there could be help in the South of where they are situated and so the father decides they will make the journey there, and through out the rest of the film we watch them make their way there.

It is not often that a film is produced and focuses on cannibalism, mental illness, hope, suicide and trust and delivers this much quality. The film really        concentrates on the effects of post apocalyptic matters and helps the audience conjure up an idea of what it would be really like. Sometimes films go off on tangents or turn into science fiction movie. This film does neither of these things and takes a look at we take for granted and allows us to appreciate it a littl bit more.

The acting in this film is some of the best I have seen in recent films, you really can feel what the characters are feeling. Viggo Mortensen does well to lead the audience into this journey they are embarking on, and also has the ability to put you in his shoes. This is what I think was done so brilliantly well that you almost felt like whenever they were making decision or feeling a certain emotion you were in the same boat too. Throughout the whole film you really just want to get into the head of the father.

For this film I think it is very interesting that they do not tell you what happened to the earth, because usually in post apocalyptic movies it is the basis of every movie you find out what happened to the earth. I think there was a very good reason for this though, so the writer/producer could get the audience to seriously think about the end of humanity and what it really means. The film is constantly making you think deeply and creating questions in your mind about the end of the world and what would you do? This style of production also allows the film to have a long lasting memory about the film long after you have watched the film.

All round I think it is a very important film to be watched, one that has a long lasting effect on you. The film is also a great example of book turned movie success.

Star Trek

“You should watch Star Trek?”, “Star Trek is best”, “We are proud to be trekkies”, “Trek conventions are the coolest things ever”. Ever since I became an avid film & TV geek, those quotes were all I heard, so many people love this show with a passion. For some people it is their lives and to be brutally honest I have never hated or liked the show I have just never watched the show. I have known little things about the show about what makes the show famous. And for many many year it has been shown on TV all around the world.

So then it was told that the film was coming out and I thought WOW not because of the film because of the hype, for this science fiction people were had genuine excitement for this film there were some people who were on the fenc’e about it but literally all the people I knew wanted to watch the film. For me I needed some convincing, some would say forcing. I am no good with science fiction the only show I watch is Dr. Who, I think I like the character style of the Doctor that is why I love the show so much. I saw the trailer for Star Trek and I did think it was very very good, I saw the second trailer and I saw Simon Pegg. My friend was also behind me going “You are going to watch that whether you like it or not”.

So the day came and I was still on the wall and the film started, I was absolutely amazed by the film by the end I was thing ‘Does this make me a trekkie now?’ The film was one of the best I have seen I even thought it was better that wolverine and that was a good film also. I think what surprised me most was the fact that they were able to balance the Science Fiction and action was very good. The acting surprised me even more because comedic actors were playing serious roles including John Choo, Simon Pegg and Tyler Perry. The lead Chris Pine did a very good job in this film you believed his character and he made the film highly enjoyable. JJ Abrams directed very well for this film I believe some people were worried about his capabilities to deliver a good film worthy for the Star Trek Fans until the trailer was released.

I really enjoyed this film and I was very surprised, I believe that this film will appeal to people whether they like Star Trek or not. Whilst you are watching this film, you sometimes forget that you are watching a Science Fiction film. Go Watch this film you will definitely enjoy it.


Frost/Nixon about one of the most controversial political issues in the US involving President Richard Nixon & David Frost. (Played by Frank Langella & Michael Sheen). Involving burglary, lies, and deceit, President Nixon made a decision that would destroy his career as a President. The acting and the direction of this film has no faults whatsoever. This film was directed by Ron Howard, I thought he did a more than excellent job with this film. With a subject of this calibre it was important that the film delivered and it definitely did.

The director Ron Howard had previously directed The Da Vinci Code, A Beautiful Mind and Apollo 13, all three films did very well and generated a lot of interest when released. He has also acted in Arrested Development, Frasier and Happy Days, I feel though that Frost/Nixon is one of the biggest projects he had even with his past experience. He has done so much in TV and he it seems he has learnt a lot from it and it shows in this film. The direction of this film is cleverly done, the scenes are not too long and the information come in bite-size chunks so you can digest them. Parts of them film you could imagine that it would happen exactly like that in real life.

The acting in this film was excellent and was very truthful to the characters, when you can see the real people in the actor’s face then you know the acting is very good. Frank Langella was most impressive because after the film I felt like I knew Nixon, the mannerisms, facial expressions and speech felt so real. I can also imagine that President Nixon was a hard character to play, it look like there was more to him than met the eye, and Langella got that across well. Michael Sheen did well in this film, I like the way at the start of the film his character had a care free attitude and then when he realizes the magnitude of his situation his determination just bursts out. Michael Sheen plays this kind of character well, the film crew did well to pick him for the character.

Watergate scandal is all about a series of American Political scandals in the term of President Nixon which lead to his resignation as President. The scandals started when five men were arrested for breaking and entering into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Office complex in Washington, D.C. Investigations took place and it was revealed by the press that the burglary was organized by Nixon and his men, along with other criminal acts including campaign fraud, political espionage and sabotage, illegal break-ins, improper taxaudits, illegal wiretapping on a massive scale, and a secret slush fund laundered in Mexico to pay those who conducted these operations. After two years of mounting evidence it was found out that Nixon had kept recorded conversations, with him discussing criminal acts and trying to cover up the break ins. With this strong evidence against him ten after the information goes public he resigned as the President of the United States.

The story goes further though because although he had resigned the people of USA wanted Nixon to admit to the crimes he had committed. This is where the films starts from, now Nixon was living in his house all alone and he also wanted to be seen as a good person in the eyes of the US people.  Then came David Frost who had no experience in political issues but was very successful in terms of TV, and he saw an opportunity to raise his profile by interviewing President Nixon. Nixon got the idea that he could manipulate and use his authority and over-throw Frost to make himself seem he was a good person. It became a battle of wills and through out the film you see the events leading up to interview and the end result.

I really do like the way they deliver this film it is like anything else the back-story is slipped in well and the current story is easy to follow. I imagine the writers had to cut some of the story and I think they did well to decide what info to scrap and keep. The attention to detail in terms of dialogue was very interesting to notice. You could pick many many quotes from this movie. I also recently watched the W. Bush film and compared to this film it is not very good, even on it own. I suppose the film does not have the sincerity that Frost/Nixon, it just captures you and gives you a sense of involvement in the matter. The acting plays a big role to bring out the role of the characters, you feel you are live in the time.

I recommend this film to everyone, because I think it is important for many of us to understand the whole matter and trying to grasp it by other means maybe hard for some. Those that are not fans of book reading then watching this film maybe the best way to understand the matter.

Nina Simone

Born on February 21 1933 was one of the best Jazz singers to ever walk this earth, being nominated fifteen times for the Grammy award she has beckoned success ever since her career started. As well as a singer she was a pianist, songwriter and Civil Rights Activist. Much of her music has been used in media and still is heavily used today. I hope that I do her enough justice because her music is like no other, not one single other artist even comes close to her style.

The first thing you notice when you listen to Nina Simone is her voice it is like nothing you have heard before, some thinks she has a male voice. Her voice is that unique. She puts every ounce of passion she has into her music, her voice is so soulful but the kind of soul that give you chills down your spine (This is meant in a good way). It is the kind of voice that is hard to copy, that kind of voice can only be produced from the heart. Another thing is her genre of music, she herself did not like to think she had a genre of music and I don’t blame her. Her music was very diverse although she had a strong jazz voice she was also able to produce hits on R&B, Pop, soul, folk and gospel. It is a surprise how her voice is able to suit the different genres, she can reach notes that will surprise. A lot of her music has been re-mixed and has been sung over, a lot of her music was loved by people from many genre backgrounds. I think a lot of people used her music not only because of what it sounded like but the strong message that it came with.

Her music has been used so much in music (obviously), movies and adverts, it is quite crazy. Her music has had a heavy influence on the music industry as it is used in completely different genres like hip hop. A good example of that is one song that was sung by Mary J. Blige which features Simone and Wil.I.Am, it is very good to see how her voice fits in with this kind song.  A lot of artists are also influenced by Nina Simone too for example  Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Jeff Buckley, John Legend and Lauryn Hill.

I first heard her voice in a shopping centre when I was really young at that time it had no effect on me. I remember because when I heard it again in the Cod Liver Oil Medicine Ad, it triggered a memory. The song was “Ain’t Got No Life, I got Life”. I started to listen to more of her music after I saw the ad at the time I was grown up and it was a lot easier to get hold of music. I got the Legend Album which I thought was great, it was like nothing I had heard before there was so much diversity in the album. I quickly began to like other tracks like “To Be Young, Gifted and Black” and “I Put A Spell On You”, she was achieving a range of notes that just amazed me and it was all on one song.

Nina Simone is a singer who came and influenced music all over the world in a massive and mesmerising way, there was and will be no singer like her. She is being remembered all the time, it was such a great thing that she was recognized for all her work outside music as Civil Rights Activist. When you listen to her music you notice that you have at least heard her voice before somewhere, because of her popularity people paid tribute anyway they could. Whilst alive her music was being used in the same way. It is sad she has come and gone but she and her music will  never be forgotten.

Grey’s Anatomy


This show started 2005 in replacement for Boston Legal, inspired by the classic medial textbook “Grey’s Anatomy. The television show is shown on ABC which also shows popular programs such as Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty and Scrubs. The show revolves around Dr. Meredith Grey and the lives of her friends. This show has been nominated and won quite a lot of awards, it continues to as well. Grey’s Anatomy is shown on abc and is also shown on Living TV (Sky), abc also have great shows like Scrubs and Ugly Betty.

Winning two golden and having another 29 awards you know this show has some quality to it. The story-lines of the show go from strength to strength, never failing to impress. The show is about Meredith Grey who’s mother was an outstanding Doctor and she now in her first year her internship. The show then follows the ups and downs of M. Grey and the lives of her friends. In the first season you see her making friends and you see her familiarizing herself with her surroundings. As the seasons go on you see her friends learn many lessons in their personal life and in their medical lives. 

Meredith Grey is played by Ellen Pompeo she does well portraying the character and seems to be very consistent, this was the first time I had see her in anything. She has not been anything I can say was a hit, but I can definitely say that Grey’s Anatomy is her breakthrough in her acting career. In my opinion Sandra Oh (Christina Yang) and Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres) are the two actresses that stand out for me. The presence on screen can be commanding and also soothing, the ability is really shown in this show. They both are consistent and embody the character they. Where as Christina is head smart and very determined and passionate about everything she does, Callie is head strong and sometimes can be vulnerable but very passionate with her patients. I think thats where the main difference is Callie has so much compassion for her patients and it seems as if she puts herself in their boots. Christina is is very committed to being the best at everything she does, she makes sure she is always studying and also getting the best surgeries. Although there is no direct competition I thought it would be an interesting comparison. Another actor that I enjoy on screen is Isaiah Washington he has a very strong male dominance on screen, his character is very interesting as he treats surgery is like art. Gives it time and care. The last character I would like to mention is Miranda Bailey she is played by Chandra Wilson, she is head of the residents and I feel she is very very dominant as a female character. She plays the role that can put the fear in the the interns and she really does play her character well, the character she plays is also having to balance work with problems at home. 

As a medical drama Grey’s Anatomy does well, trying to communicate the medical terms to the audience is excellently done. The show is can constantly keep a very medical vibe without making it all about the interns and their lives. There is a very good balance. I love the way medical shows are able to intertwine the lives of the doctors and patients, Grey’s Anatomy do this very well showing how human the doctors are; showing how the real world affects them. With all that the one thing that makes me love this show is the the message they leave. Now they could leave the show they way it is and entrtain with the weird and wonderful life of Meredith Grey but the show always gives me something to think about. It makes the show quite interesting to talk about as well. Although sometimes I feel a lot of it is based on love it seems realistic for the type of drama it is and where it is set. Some of the episodes are inspirational to me and it really leaves a message for me to ponder on. The show tackles mainstream issues in a very different way. 

I feel Grey’s Anatomy is one of the best medical shows and illustrates how interesting medical has become. The show also is able to make serious issues seem very light hearted. It is definitely a show everyone should check out because another good thing about the show is that fits in with a very diverse audience. The directors and the writers have done a great job of making the show as consistent as possible and being able to keep the audience interested. With medical drams it is very hard because they main premise of them is to save the lives of sick patients, so the audience rely on the sub plot to keep them interested. To be honest they have also been able to keep the premise of the show very interesting. It has five seasons but it is well worth the watch.

White Sands

When you have William Defoe and Samuel L Jackson you know you have a cracker of a film, and what a cracker of a film this is. There is enough action, wit and twists to make your head turn. The film is directed by Roger Donaldson who has done Thirteen Days, Bank Job and Now Way Out. He has not done great great films and to be honest neither is White Sands. I just really really enjoyed the film I think, thats the main thing for me. Not only with film having great direction it had some great actors, with Samuel L Jackson who has been in many including Pulp Fiction, Die Hard 3 and unbreakable. William Defoe also has recently been in Spiderman which was a big success in the box office and I particuarly liked (apart from Spiderman 3).

The film is about a cop who is based in an area where deaths usually do not occur and one suddenly appears in his district he is called Ray played by Defoe. A suitcase with half a million dollars is also found next to his body seems like a suicide but he is the typical resilient cop and when he find a foreign object in the bag of money it peaks his interest. Taking the viewers on a roller-coaster of lies, deceit, love and death. I do like the story line a lot and I would not be surprised if other films have taken ideas from this movie. It is just the way it is able to keep you watching the whole way through is something with so many twists and turns you will have to watch it twice to understand. That is one thing I do like this is the kind of movie you could re-watch over and over. It has that level of entertainment so you do not have to do a lot of work. It is the opposite to watching LA Confidential, which is hard the first time you watch it.

I like a lot of the wit and general speech used in this film it was all very consitent and the film was very straight to the point too. It helped you know where you are in the film, like there is a part where where Ray finds a body in a car and then the scene changes and you see a man listening on them on what he thinks is them having sex. Some people will have been a bit confused what was going on and the fact that they had not seen the characters discussing this. I think though that this is what some of the modern films are missing a little, a little less conversation and little more action. It makes great entertainment! Not a lot of unique camera work was used in this film, but I suppose for its time you would not be expecting any. I do like this fact though they tried their best give the viewers a bigger picture and not try to cut parts off.

I like this film a lot because it reminds me of all those movies I am watching at the moment where they are try to get a good mix of action, twists and smart story line. To be honest most of the modern films go off the mark completely and the story lines seem to whither after a while. The forget to look back at the classics and this film I think is a great film. I recommend this film to anyone who likes action and like a few twists. The twists maybe not be that big and the action may not be that great but I do think there is a great balance and there is just enough.

Adele – 19


I first heard of this girl when she appeared on the news, everyone was raving on about how she was destined for great things. I went ahead and heard her single ‘Chasing Pavements” and to be honest I did not like it much. Around the same time I was just getting into different into different genres and expanding my tastes. One of my new genres was jazz/soul and I immediately loved loved these genres and I continued so recently I heard Adele playing again but it was a song from her album called Hometown Glory. Once I heard this tune it immediately became the no.1 in my 25 most played songs on my ipod. i thought it was great and then I got the album and I loved that just as much.

Her voice is surprisingly good and sometimes you wonder how she can reach those kind of notes especially for her age. For example Right As Rain is a very high pitched song and so her voice is constantly high and peaking. I do like this song, it is very catchy and it fits her voice perfectly. I don’t think we have similar artists in the UK who have the diversity she has and especially for her age she has a big future ahead of her. She has a very sorrowful voice and if someone listen to the album “19” long enough, I will not be surprised that they will cry. She said her self that this album is a very sad one and is about what she went through as a teen turning to adult. Most of it being based on things she has experienced. My favorite song on her album is Hometown Glory, I really think this song is great as I said above her voice is amazing on that track. She has such range it starts from a very soothing to very high and more soulful ad high pitched. If I put the volume on my speakers loud enough her voice gives me shivers down my spine. I like the use of the keyboard in this song and throughout this album they are always in sync, it is amazing. When I listen to tracks like Hometown Glory it makes me think a lot about my future and the things and people in my life, I do like the fact it can affect me such a manner.

It was weird how getting into other types of music got me into listening to music I was previously apprehensive to. I am still am surprised that I listened to this kind of music, so now when someone asks me what kind of music do you listen to I just say “any music that is good”. I do like this album a lot, and I may go out on a limb and say that her voice is similar to the voices of the great jazz and soul singers. A song that reinforces my opinion “Best for Last” I don’t know it is great how her commands the whole song, one thing to mention she has no soft voice. Her voice also has this originality about it and is very very unique and will not be heard from other singers. That is one another reason I love her album the uniqueness of her voice is sublime. It is very strong and has so much range. She definitely an artist a lot people should check out if they like jazz and soul.

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