Nokia are at the moment the worlds biggest company for providing mobile telephones, the sell their product in over 150 countries. It is a finnish company that has a global device market share of 40%, this also makes Nokia by far the biggest fiinnish country. Nokia play a big role in the economy of Finland. Nokia also have 7 main research centers in seven of the leading indstrialist countries including Finland, Denmark, Germany, China, Japan, United Kingdom and United States.

I am a big fan of Nokia, I am loving their phones at the moment they seem to get everything right for me personally. Nokia seem to know about phones and nothing else and they do not try to show it, in the time I have known about Nokia they just seem to concentrate on phones, souly. Their designs can be sometimes hit and miss but recently they have been improving their designs nicely. I remember when the N95 came out the design was not too bad and it had all the features you need including a memory of 8GB it was all you needed for entertainment. Then customers started to complain that the slider was inappropriate and the battery was not very good (personally the if that battery is used adequately on any Nokia you can get 2 days out of them Max). Nokia responded to the problems with an N82 which they solved the battery life problem and it was not a slide phone it was a candy phone. Although the N82 did not have and 8GB memory its battery life had improved, and it was easier to carry.

Just like an Apple product I find that Nokia is very easy to use and does not require a manual. To be fair Nokia have paved the way for some of the features we see on phones to day. Like classic ringtones and games that are addictive to play, they also have been very iconic with their designs. From memory the 7110 phone was very stylish but when it appeared on the hit movie the Matrix everyone wanted one. They namesd it the Matrix phone later on, I really liked the feature on the phone where you could click a button on the side and the slide will come down automatically. Subsequently, popular phones gradually started to appear in hit movies.

One thing I must talk about is the menu screens, their old one where you would have to click left or right to see the next option. Although it was inconvenient I thought it was what made them unique from all the other phone manufacturers. Their icons seemed pleasing to look and their phones were reliable to use (meaning the screens did not freeze often). Another thing that made Nokia unique was the snake game, I think it is the most popular phone game ever, I don’t know any other game that had such an impact. If someone had their Nokia phone and they were outside they were playing that snake game, everyone from children to adults were absolutely hooked to the game. The main objective of the game was to grab the food that appeared on the screen using the keys 2,4,6 and 8. Making sure not to hit the the walls in the game.

The Nokia has been popular for decades now and the things mentioned above are some of the main reasons why. They have made a big mark in the mobile telephone market and they have not stopped, they continue to establish their name and increase competition in the market by listening to the customers. They released phones like the 7210 and the 3110 that everyone had, regardless whether you needed one or not. They were some of the most popular phones being sold, building Nokia up as one of the leading competitors in mobile communication.


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