Apple: iPod Touch

With its shiny new look and jam-packed with new apps and software, iPod Touch is the hottest gadget market at the moment. This iPod Touch brought you by Apple is a new kind of MP4 Player, it is more like a Media Device with Wi-Fi Apple have brought many great products to the market and at the moment have a big chunk of the technology market with their best-selling product being the iPod. The iPod was first released in 2001, seven years on they have the one of the best selling products in the world.

The iPod Touch brings something new to the table from Apple, the main purpose for the iPod is to play music but the Touch has just so much more. It is a completely different iPod, the first set of features to mention is the Music, Movie and TV Shows it allows you to listen to your music on your iTunes Playlist. The new iPod Touch also uses the new features on the new iTunes 8. Including the new Genius Playlist, that composes a playlist for you according to the music you have in your library. Also the movies you have on iTunes can be transferred onto the iPod Touch. With the iPod Touch’s wide screen it is lovely for watching movies. Listening to music on the Touch is brilliant too, now that it has an iTunes store built onto the iPod. Imagine that you are out and you hear a track that you like, you can now buy it on iPod Touch, wherever you are.

Another cool app the iPod has now is games and on normal iPods they are 2D but with the Touch the games are in 3D. The games have become very popular and are also available on iTunes. The new iPod Touch allows you to play games like you are using a game controller, the games are played using motion sensor on the iPod Touch. Very cool app ad feature that will revolutionize mobile gaming in the future. The most populat feature they have is the internet using wi-fi, the browser Apple use on the iPod Touch is Safari. Safari is said to be the fastest browser both on Mac and PC. Now Safari has come mobile and there have been many glitches but Apple have improved it and is now as solid as ever. With the new iPod Touch may come new problems, but they should be sorted soon. You can connect to the internet using Wi-Fi.

The iPod Touch also boasts features that next-generation mobiles boast, including Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Photos , Calculator and etc. Another cool app the Touch has that you can connect you trainers to it and it will allow you to connect to your trainers. So you can track your health and fitness and other helpful statistics to keep you in top shape. The iPod Touch also allows you to watch youtube videos, which is great for when you are on the move.

I really think that the iPod touch is a great piece of kit its design blows every other kind of media player out of the water. The design is well thought out and is very very appealing. It catches your eye as soon as you look at it amongst other products. It also invites the urge for you to lift it up and touch it. The main feature on the iPod Touch is the touch screen, that is how it is full operated. You use your fingers to control the iPod , it is loads of fun when listening to music because of iTunes cover-flow it is just beautiful to use. It is also great for viewing pictures because you can pinch the screen and the picture zooms in or out. The way the touch scree has been implemented on the iPod Touch has also been used on the trackpad on the new Apple MacBook Pro. It works just as well and is great for moving your windows around.

The iPod Touch comes in a 8, 16 aand 32GB editions, one of the problems that Apple Consumers have is the fact that that sizes are too small. Not a problem more a want from the consumers. Overall it is a fantastic piece of kit, a lot of other companies will implement the same kind of features. But Apple have got it right with this one apart from the size I don’t see why customers won’t be happy.


2 thoughts on “Apple: iPod Touch

  1. Hey, Kwamz, you know I can’t decide between the Classic (for the memory size) and the Touch (for the coolness). This hasn’t made my decision any easier, but at least I know more about the Touch now.

  2. Hey weathereye, It is all about preference and what you want out of the iPod.
    But I would personall go for the classic, but right now my iPod is doing great so no need.

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