Star Trek

“You should watch Star Trek?”, “Star Trek is best”, “We are proud to be trekkies”, “Trek conventions are the coolest things ever”. Ever since I became an avid film & TV geek, those quotes were all I heard, so many people love this show with a passion. For some people it is their lives and to be brutally honest I have never hated or liked the show I have just never watched the show. I have known little things about the show about what makes the show famous. And for many many year it has been shown on TV all around the world.

So then it was told that the film was coming out and I thought WOW not because of the film because of the hype, for this science fiction people were had genuine excitement for this film there were some people who were on the fenc’e about it but literally all the people I knew wanted to watch the film. For me I needed some convincing, some would say forcing. I am no good with science fiction the only show I watch is Dr. Who, I think I like the character style of the Doctor that is why I love the show so much. I saw the trailer for Star Trek and I did think it was very very good, I saw the second trailer and I saw Simon Pegg. My friend was also behind me going “You are going to watch that whether you like it or not”.

So the day came and I was still on the wall and the film started, I was absolutely amazed by the film by the end I was thing ‘Does this make me a trekkie now?’ The film was one of the best I have seen I even thought it was better that wolverine and that was a good film also. I think what surprised me most was the fact that they were able to balance the Science Fiction and action was very good. The acting surprised me even more because comedic actors were playing serious roles including John Choo, Simon Pegg and Tyler Perry. The lead Chris Pine did a very good job in this film you believed his character and he made the film highly enjoyable. JJ Abrams directed very well for this film I believe some people were worried about his capabilities to deliver a good film worthy for the Star Trek Fans until the trailer was released.

I really enjoyed this film and I was very surprised, I believe that this film will appeal to people whether they like Star Trek or not. Whilst you are watching this film, you sometimes forget that you are watching a Science Fiction film. Go Watch this film you will definitely enjoy it.


One thought on “Star Trek

  1. I have to agree with you. This film was much better than I was expecting. I came out of the cinema with a huge grin on my face. Long live the new franchise. Nice comments, keep em coming

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