As the gloomy weather is creeping up behind us quite early this year I thought I would do a post on an item which will both be great for summer and winter, Boots. As we all know boots have been around for a very long time and are well known for ruggedness and shoes that are be worn in extreme weather conditions.

Desert Boots

In 1949 Clarks Desert Boots were designed by Nathan Clark, the purpose of the design so that the British Army in the Second World War so they could wear it in Egypt. The shoes had been made for them by local tradesman. Desert Boots main consists of the main shoe being made of suede and a rubber crepe sole and two eyelets. The design of the boots were so simple but really modern and it made them very versatile to wear, this fact still has not changed. They could be worn with suits, chinos, shorts and is very popular with no socks for a great summer look. A few looks that are popular with the Desert Boots are chinos rolled up slightly, button down shirt with rolled up sleeves. Tailored short just above the knees with an oxford shirt or a polo shirt, which could be topped of with a linen blazer (rolled up sleeves) for the cool evenings.

The great thing about desert boots and item of clothing is that you can make it your own, for example some people prefer it if the boots look quite distressed and beaten so the boots won’t reach their prime till they get quite old. Recently the look has become so popular that some other designer brands have decided to sell some of their Desert Boots already distressed. Also some owners of Desert Boots hand also decided to dye their shoes a different color for them to stand and be unique, recently a color that has been really sought over is the original red Clark desert boots.


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