House M.D.

Grumpy, funny, sarcastic, rude, intelligent yes it can only be one person Dr House. The show is very entertaining to watch with a lot going on, they also able to fit in a lot of information about hospital knowledge. The show is owned by Fox which produces shows like Family Guy, NCIS, Simpsons, 24 and Prison Break. House takes a different approach from other Medical dramas and pushes the limits with what alowed in drama. Some character references although very mild seem abrupt and rude. I think the what seperates House M.D. from other dramas.

Once you have seen most of the episodes for one season you start to realize the gist. House is presented with a peculiar problem with a patient, he uses his team to brainstorm ideas, then he suddenly finds out the cure and is racing against time to fix it. I think what attracts the audience to the TV Show most is the problem with the patient. The problems are usually unthinkable but very serious, and House M.D. is also able to keep the suspense going because another problem will occur during the episode I think thats one of the reasons I love this show in one episode a patient can go through multiple problems and they can amount up to the smallest cure. If you compare for example Grey’s Anatomy to House M.D. usually there is one problem in the show and they spend the whole show trying to solve the problem. After time, you feel like you are parts of the lives of the characters in Grey’s Anatomy. You do not get the same feeling with House M.D., I am not sure yet whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Dr. House is played by the successful actor Hugh Laurie, he does absolutely amazing as this character. The same way I identify Wolverine with Hugh Jackman the same way I identify House with Hugh Laurie. He has been playing the character so well that he has become him and no other actor can take his position. Over time I have been able to associate the mannerisms and the attitude of House with Hugh Laurie. One thing that Hugh Laurie has got right is the american accent because surprisingly he is british. You could never tell when you see him on-screen. Hugh Laurie does blow some people off the screen when he is acting because of how convincing he looks. I think thats what makes it a re-watchable programme. The character who he plays, is very strong and always believes he is right and most of the time he is. He will use strange and most often risky methods to prove he is right. He also has this same zeal and ambition when it concerns a patients life. His co-workers I find at times find it hard to work with him and understand it will take time before you can handle House.

In the hospital he has a friend Dr. Wilson, who he has known for years and if anyone understands House most it is him. Who is played by Robert Sean Leonard. You know the saying “opposites always attract”, this can be said for the relationship of House and Wilson. Wilson is more understanding and has compassion which can be seen by others. Wilson is also in a stable relationship and also just as successful as House. House is alone and you sometimes feel empathy for him, he needs someone that can bear his attitude but also be an equal balance against him.

Omar Epps who plays Dr Foreman who is part of his team, also over the seasons gives an excellent performance. He is mostly known for his role in Love & Basketball I really did like that film and it should be another film to check out. For the first few seasons Dr. Foreman is not taken seriously mostly due to his past, but as time goes on House starts to respect him as a Doctor. Other characters in the show are Dr. Cuddy who is mostly I candy for House. Between there is a mutual respect, Cuddy is the head of the hospital but House is the best Doctor they have.Cuddy is played by Lisa Edelstein. Other main characters are Dr. Cameron and Dr. Chase. (played by Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morisson).

I do really like this show and I cannot wait for Season 5, if you have not seen an episode you should it is on Five US at the moment. It is a great little TV Show there to let you question life at times.


Inconceivable By Ben Elton

I am quite excited about writing this blog for two reasons. Firstly this is my first post and secondly this book I am reviewing is the first comedy book I have read cover to cover. The name of the book is Inconceivable by the comical genius Ben Elton.

In the early 80s and 90s Ben Elton was extremely successful as stand up comedian, writer of television programmes and a novelist. I think what made him so successful and what made me recognize him was the blackadder series which he had written. I thought the series was original and very witty, it was about subjects that people thought they could never make fun of. His brilliant ideas brought him great success as well as books being turned into films he also gained awards for his works.

Inconceivable was written in 1999 following the success of his other books including Stark, Gridlock and the Blast from the past. The book is about a couple determined to get what they want. Sam wants to write a big hit movie and lucy desperately wants a baby. If you compare their odds it looks like Lucy has a better chance of getting what she desires. The book is written in a diary form and it is quite clever, it is like reading two diaries at the same time. It is actually that. I like the way the book has been written structurally it is easy to read and the always something to laugh out loud to on each page. I could tell some humour was used to tone down the serious and emotional parts of the book. The diary style that the book has also makes it very easy to get get through and also very re-readable.

When I started to read the book I could immediately identify with both characters and you could tell they both needed their ambitions to be fulfilled, for the benefit of each other. Sam really wanted his big break as an hollywood writer and tries very hard and genuinely thinks he can do this. Lucy is also very determined to give birth, hence writing diaries to help them get through the difficult time. Lucy seems to always be bearing a lot more of this difficulty because she wants it more than anything, Sam just wants to make sure she is happy. Lucy comes up with many ideas to give birth, you can tell that Sam is always behind because of he likes to see her happy. You wonder how they have got this far, the love for each other in the book slowly starts to wither. Out of the whole book I found Lucy’s diary more interesting it involved a lot more of her emotion and you were up to date about how she felt. You also got the feeling that she wanted more and but there was something about Sam that attracted her to him.

I did really like this book I thought it was an excellent read and there were never parts of the book that were boring. Afterwhile you were just waiting for the humour to come. Ben Elton is such a talented writer because you can never tell what he will joke about next, it could be the most imaginery thing.

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