The Road

The Road takes a serious look on the Post Apocalyptic genre, I must say when I finished watching the movie I could not stop thinking about it for a couple of days. It was directed by the same person who directed The Proposition, John Hill Coat he has not done a lot of stuff but the little he has done definitely is amazing. The Road stars the brilliant Viggo Mortensen as the lead role also Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce and Robert Duvall and the son who excellently played by Kodi Smit-McPhee.

The Road was originally a book written by Cormac Mcarthy and as it was poplular it then was produced into a film, another film that was originally written by C. McCarthy was No Country For Old Men. That film is simply amazing and I also hope to do a review on soon. Now in the opening scene of the film you see the father teaching his son how to kill himself with a Gun, when watching you are pulled in but in a wry sort of way because you actually do not what is going on especially for those who have not read the book or seen any trailers.

In the opening scene of the movie you see the father teaching his son how to kill himself, you suddenly realise that this film is a serious one and has great potential in draining you emotionally. As the film progresses you realise that it is not the case. I must say now that there are no twists in this film, you are simply just following the journey of a man and his son. Although it is quite clear that the world is in turmoil you’re never shown or told how it happens. It is quite clear though whatever it is has taken many many lives, and now people are out for themselves.

Early on you are also introduced to his wife as well and you notice straight away that she is not coping well with what has been happening. She is worried about what the other families have been doing to survive and hopes she will not have to do the same but she is not agreement with her husband’s approach. Which is to be patient and wait. They find out that there could be help in the South of where they are situated and so the father decides they will make the journey there, and through out the rest of the film we watch them make their way there.

It is not often that a film is produced and focuses on cannibalism, mental illness, hope, suicide and trust and delivers this much quality. The film really        concentrates on the effects of post apocalyptic matters and helps the audience conjure up an idea of what it would be really like. Sometimes films go off on tangents or turn into science fiction movie. This film does neither of these things and takes a look at we take for granted and allows us to appreciate it a littl bit more.

The acting in this film is some of the best I have seen in recent films, you really can feel what the characters are feeling. Viggo Mortensen does well to lead the audience into this journey they are embarking on, and also has the ability to put you in his shoes. This is what I think was done so brilliantly well that you almost felt like whenever they were making decision or feeling a certain emotion you were in the same boat too. Throughout the whole film you really just want to get into the head of the father.

For this film I think it is very interesting that they do not tell you what happened to the earth, because usually in post apocalyptic movies it is the basis of every movie you find out what happened to the earth. I think there was a very good reason for this though, so the writer/producer could get the audience to seriously think about the end of humanity and what it really means. The film is constantly making you think deeply and creating questions in your mind about the end of the world and what would you do? This style of production also allows the film to have a long lasting memory about the film long after you have watched the film.

All round I think it is a very important film to be watched, one that has a long lasting effect on you. The film is also a great example of book turned movie success.


White Sands

When you have William Defoe and Samuel L Jackson you know you have a cracker of a film, and what a cracker of a film this is. There is enough action, wit and twists to make your head turn. The film is directed by Roger Donaldson who has done Thirteen Days, Bank Job and Now Way Out. He has not done great great films and to be honest neither is White Sands. I just really really enjoyed the film I think, thats the main thing for me. Not only with film having great direction it had some great actors, with Samuel L Jackson who has been in many including Pulp Fiction, Die Hard 3 and unbreakable. William Defoe also has recently been in Spiderman which was a big success in the box office and I particuarly liked (apart from Spiderman 3).

The film is about a cop who is based in an area where deaths usually do not occur and one suddenly appears in his district he is called Ray played by Defoe. A suitcase with half a million dollars is also found next to his body seems like a suicide but he is the typical resilient cop and when he find a foreign object in the bag of money it peaks his interest. Taking the viewers on a roller-coaster of lies, deceit, love and death. I do like the story line a lot and I would not be surprised if other films have taken ideas from this movie. It is just the way it is able to keep you watching the whole way through is something with so many twists and turns you will have to watch it twice to understand. That is one thing I do like this is the kind of movie you could re-watch over and over. It has that level of entertainment so you do not have to do a lot of work. It is the opposite to watching LA Confidential, which is hard the first time you watch it.

I like a lot of the wit and general speech used in this film it was all very consitent and the film was very straight to the point too. It helped you know where you are in the film, like there is a part where where Ray finds a body in a car and then the scene changes and you see a man listening on them on what he thinks is them having sex. Some people will have been a bit confused what was going on and the fact that they had not seen the characters discussing this. I think though that this is what some of the modern films are missing a little, a little less conversation and little more action. It makes great entertainment! Not a lot of unique camera work was used in this film, but I suppose for its time you would not be expecting any. I do like this fact though they tried their best give the viewers a bigger picture and not try to cut parts off.

I like this film a lot because it reminds me of all those movies I am watching at the moment where they are try to get a good mix of action, twists and smart story line. To be honest most of the modern films go off the mark completely and the story lines seem to whither after a while. The forget to look back at the classics and this film I think is a great film. I recommend this film to anyone who likes action and like a few twists. The twists maybe not be that big and the action may not be that great but I do think there is a great balance and there is just enough.

Iron Giant

I was pleasantly surprised by this film, I was quite suprised because nobody had told me anything about it, and I had never heard of it before. This was a blind one for me (It was on the of a movie club on Simply Syndicated Forums). The film was directed by brad bird who has also written Ratatouille, The Incredibles and a few episodes on The Simpsons. I really liked Ratatouille and The Incredibles and it was only until I saw Iron Giant that I knew he had done those other films. He has not done a lot of work but what he has done I think are really good. He has an upcoming film called 1906 which seems promising. He seems to be the kind of writer to take his time with his films, considering the time he has been working.

Iron Giant is about a boy who finds an innocent robot who wants to be destroyed as quickly as possible by typical FBI Agent. I like the way it is a big mystery where the giant came from and is all my word of mouth that the thing even exists. The film actually follows the boy and how he finds the robot and his journey with him throughout the film. Throughout the whole film he is teaching the robot about the way humans live and he also tries to understand it too and teaching the giant some good as well. You also get the agent questioning the boy throughout the film and trying to get some evidence that the robot exists. For me the end is quite exciting and very well done.

The direction of the film is very well done, it drags you in quite a lot. The camera work is very nifty for a cartoon giving you interesting views, this also adds to the appeal. With a mixture of neat views and colour, visually the film is right on the money. I do also like the voices used in the film with Eli Marienthal as the boy , Jennifer Aniston as his mother and Vin Diesel as the robot. The voices are nice, consistent and very believable.

The film is a very good to watch for both Family and kids, very entertaining from start to finish. Some very good moments in the film and I was a little sad near the end. You will have to watch the film to see the reason, but it is a very typical cartoon and comes up trumps. Some very big stars voice in this film and do very well in it. The subject of the film is also very perfect and nice to watch overall.

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