The Road

The Road takes a serious look on the Post Apocalyptic genre, I must say when I finished watching the movie I could not stop thinking about it for a couple of days. It was directed by the same person who directed The Proposition, John Hill Coat he has not done a lot of stuff but the little he has done definitely is amazing. The Road stars the brilliant Viggo Mortensen as the lead role also Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce and Robert Duvall and the son who excellently played by Kodi Smit-McPhee.

The Road was originally a book written by Cormac Mcarthy and as it was poplular it then was produced into a film, another film that was originally written by C. McCarthy was No Country For Old Men. That film is simply amazing and I also hope to do a review on soon. Now in the opening scene of the film you see the father teaching his son how to kill himself with a Gun, when watching you are pulled in but in a wry sort of way because you actually do not what is going on especially for those who have not read the book or seen any trailers.

In the opening scene of the movie you see the father teaching his son how to kill himself, you suddenly realise that this film is a serious one and has great potential in draining you emotionally. As the film progresses you realise that it is not the case. I must say now that there are no twists in this film, you are simply just following the journey of a man and his son. Although it is quite clear that the world is in turmoil you’re never shown or told how it happens. It is quite clear though whatever it is has taken many many lives, and now people are out for themselves.

Early on you are also introduced to his wife as well and you notice straight away that she is not coping well with what has been happening. She is worried about what the other families have been doing to survive and hopes she will not have to do the same but she is not agreement with her husband’s approach. Which is to be patient and wait. They find out that there could be help in the South of where they are situated and so the father decides they will make the journey there, and through out the rest of the film we watch them make their way there.

It is not often that a film is produced and focuses on cannibalism, mental illness, hope, suicide and trust and delivers this much quality. The film really        concentrates on the effects of post apocalyptic matters and helps the audience conjure up an idea of what it would be really like. Sometimes films go off on tangents or turn into science fiction movie. This film does neither of these things and takes a look at we take for granted and allows us to appreciate it a littl bit more.

The acting in this film is some of the best I have seen in recent films, you really can feel what the characters are feeling. Viggo Mortensen does well to lead the audience into this journey they are embarking on, and also has the ability to put you in his shoes. This is what I think was done so brilliantly well that you almost felt like whenever they were making decision or feeling a certain emotion you were in the same boat too. Throughout the whole film you really just want to get into the head of the father.

For this film I think it is very interesting that they do not tell you what happened to the earth, because usually in post apocalyptic movies it is the basis of every movie you find out what happened to the earth. I think there was a very good reason for this though, so the writer/producer could get the audience to seriously think about the end of humanity and what it really means. The film is constantly making you think deeply and creating questions in your mind about the end of the world and what would you do? This style of production also allows the film to have a long lasting memory about the film long after you have watched the film.

All round I think it is a very important film to be watched, one that has a long lasting effect on you. The film is also a great example of book turned movie success.


Apocalypse Now

One of the most serious war films I have seen in a long time, it was not afraid to go over and beyond the limit and it was very hard-hitting. Apocalypse now made in 1979 some really big names before they found fame as poular actors. Stars including Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen, Rovert Duvall, Laurence Fishburne, Harrison Ford and Dennis Hooper. The all went have gone on to produce more amazing cinema. Apocalypse also famous for the quote “I do love the smell of Napalm in the moring” said by Dennis Cooper in the film.

Apocalypse Now was directed by Francis Ford Coppola famous for directing the Godfather Trilogy another masterpiece of cinema, a film that many have to see. He is also a good producer and writer. The direction he took in this film has made me fall in love with his work, it was mostly based on narrative. Sounds and looks amazing thr whole way through. There is a scene in a film where he is in a boat and you see this beautiful view of the lake and you can almost hear all living things in that scene. There are a lot of famous scenes in this film combining lighting with the emotions on the actors face. That does sound odd but looking at the pictures that what I get from them.

Apocalypse now is mainly about Captain Benjamin L. Willard (Martin Sheen) who is sent on a secret mission to capture a man called Colonel Walter E. Kurtz, who has become a God amongst a local tribe in Camodia. Along the way you see how Captain Willard feels about war according to his past experiences. To be honest war has not been too kind on him, when watching the film you feel that war has been too real for him that he is out of place when he comes home and is not the same anymore. He actually makes mention of this in the movie, but Coppola does a great job of making you think about it some more.

This film is really is all about war and I dont mean “yeah, let’s blow a few buildings up and have people shooting constantly at eachother”. This film represents the real meaning of war and what it does to the people involved. It gets you thinking about what you think war is about. In my opinion I think war is an action that tells us who is stronger than the other. We at war everyday with ourselves, the war we see on TV everyday is something bigger and more important but nonetheless, its war. What we use to fight war is just as important as fighting it, many countries use money, guns and persistence where others us faith, knowledge and the mind to fight war. This film does a great job of reminding us that you have to have the mindset to win war.

This film is a true masterpiece pushing all the button for an excellent war movie. With some great and memorable scenes it will make you want to watch it again. It makes you think about war and there is good direction from Coppola to help you. There are seens where Willard and Kurts are talking and you are totallyengroosed by the movie the whole way through. This is one of my favourite war movies of all time and it makes me appreciate war a whole lot more.

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