Invasion – By Robin Cook

This one is a sci-fi, I’m really into science fiction but this one was an exception. Today I am reviewing the book invasion by Robin Cook published in 1997. As you have gathered it is an alien invasion, but the aliens land in true sci-fi style. Robin Cook has also written books such as Contangion, Fatal Cure and Outbreak. He has books in Reader’s Digest and has bestsellers in New York Times. He mainly writes about medicine & public health, he is known for combining medical and thriller in his books.

This book is very entertaining from start to finish, for this book I am going to give you a really vague plot. I may reveal too much about this book. Late at night when many college students are out, and what seem to be a shooting star has appeared. At the same time electrical equipment is fried, unsuspectely nobody has a clue what is going on. The next day black discs all around the college campus are found. The story continues with the plans of how the aliens take over the world. Whilst this is going on a flu like disease is going on and the whole world is seem to be getting infected by it.

Robin Cook is able to balalance sci-fi and and action, suspense and drama. This is wierd but I compare it to a comedy book, just because of the ease of reading. This book, in my opinion was not just for sc-fi fans, through out the book you understood everything even the medical jargon. The book was about a team trying to save the world and it almost felt like you were with them, in that team. I though this because the style of the writing was not too concise and was very laid back. The layout was also very easy to follow too, not too muddled up and you were never lost with what is going on.

I really would like to get into the charcters in depth but it would give too much away. The characters were very well drawn out, with each having their moments and everyone single one seemed central to the story. I like the character a lot because the seemed so real and you could relate to their lives. The characters seemed to use what they know to help, it was not like they suddenly gained a skill that they would not normally have. There also brief bits of descriptions of how the characters were feeling, this also helped to understand what was going on in the story.

Robin Cook definitely laid something very different here for me, I was totally immersed in this books, and there were moments I felt I should put this down. Then something will draw me back in. The book has definitely got me interested in what sci-fi boks have to offer, I am sure it will do the same to many other people. It is not hard at all to get into and you don’t wait very long until you are engrossed. I recommend this book to anyone who likes reading I am sure many will enjoy it.


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